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While generating high quality web content for Google and Bing algorithms to detect is vital to your SEO strategy, these days you need more. You also need a comprehensive social media plan to build your business's online presence and connect with your customers. Partnering with a Houston SEO firm that loves social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, as well as local directories such as Google+ Local, Yahoo Local, and Bing Places insures you have a comprehensive SEO strategy and that you are getting noticed from all corners of the internet.

Social Media Helps Build Your Online Identity And Community

Social media influences every facet of people's lives. It impacts the places people search, how they do it (crowd sourcing, anyone?), and how search engines rank content. This is constantly evolving, social media becoming a more critical component over time. Therefore, leveraging social media as a part of your overall SEO approach is one of the best things that you can do to become a recognized brand, connect with customers and raise your search result rankings.

Some of the key social media platforms are:

Facebook: By properly setting up (and utilizing) your Facebook page, you can increase its likelihood of appearing high in search results, as Google has indexed Facebook for quite a while. Actions such as likes, shares, and comments by your followers are considered "social signals" that influence your rankings.

Twitter: Twitter plays a huge role in connecting to your customer base, so get actively involved with your audience by entering conversations, individually responding to questions and concerns, and talking to people mentioning your brand. Connect to industry influencers who retweet your focused, topical content and improve your online presence.

Google+: Google search results include Google+ activity. Mindful posting of content on this medium with appropriate keywords and hashtags can help increase your ranking.

LinkedIn: By keeping your company's LinkedIn page full of high quality, targeted content, and maintaining a robust network, you are easily found online. Increase the profile of your brand by becoming active in relevant groups and interacting with other users.

Local Directories Are More Important To SEO Than You Think

It is easy to overlook the power that local directories has on your search rankings. But many people use a search engine to find information on local services. The major search engines have their own local directories (Google+ Local, Yahoo Local, or Bing Places), and the listings in these directories are placed at the top of organic search rankings. If you have a local presence, having an optimized business listing is an excellent addition to your overall SEO plan.

Rely On The Expertise Of A Houston SEO Firm To Optimize Your Social Media Presence

There are many social media channels to manage, so look to an experienced Houston SEO firm to help you develop an all-inclusive strategy for your business. SEO-Exchange is an industry leader who loves to increase our clients' online presence through comprehensive SEO plans that include a strong social media presence.

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