11 How to turn off Facebook Video Autoplay

It seems with every new update that we see in our social media apps, there comes a set of unwanted add-ons that we are forced to endure in order to continue using the apps we have become so accustomed to.

Facebook is not immune to this, and it is most obvious in the new Video Autoplay feature that came with the latest update. Now while this new feature may have been added with the idea of simplicity and ease of access, it has been viewed as an inconvenience by those who would rather prefer the option to start and listen to their videos in their own time. Although having automatic sound and video as you scroll through your Facebook seems to be the new standard, you can turn Facebook’s video autoplay settings on or off in just a few steps.

To stop videos from playing automatically on your computer or devices:

  • From the top right of Facebook, click Settings
  • Click Videos in the left menu
  • Click the dropdown menu next to Autoplay Videos and select off