Pay Your Website Hosting Provider in Advanced

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Its always a good idea to pay your web hosting company in advanced. I always recommend at least 2-3 years in advanced because 1 year goes by so fast. Their are two portions to your website. One is a domain name. In laymans terms a domain name looks like this This domain name acts as an address where your website resides so people know how to get to your website. The second part of your website is your website files. This is where your website resides. The domain name is just a name that is parked and pointed to these website files. Visually, its like drawing two boxes: one box is the domain, and it points to your website files (another box). A more complex description can be found here: . Back to the payment of your website, because there are two different services one may reside somewhere else. Meaning your domain name might be on godaddy, but your website files may be somewhere else like Always good to know where everything resides, and that everything is paid up in advanced to minimize downtime.

How to properly create a youtube channel

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In this article we are going to describe how to create a youtube channel the proper way. Google has changed how to create youtube channels. Its actually very smart since in the past anyone could create a youtube channel. Now Youtube is stemmed from a Google + / Business account. So as long as you have verified a Google + / Business account you should be good to go. We will lay it out in simple steps below.

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