SEO Press Releases

To get the best search engine optimization results, you need more than strong SEO copywriting on your website's homepage. You need to leverage everything that provides your company with greater visibility online and links back, and SEO press releases are among the best ways to make that happen.

What Are SEO Press Releases?

SEO press releases are a specific form of SEO copywriting that focus on getting your company's news into the public domain while also helping build links back to your website. Good SEO press releases serve two purposes:

  • First, the SEO press releases will communicate an important event for your company. This could be a new hire, a new product launch, or even something as (seemingly) unimportant as a company response to an important development in your field.
  • Second, when published in SEO press releases, this information reaches a lot more people and helps get your company exposure in both the public and media.

SEO Copywriting Is Key

The major difference between SEO press releases and regular press releases is the link building and search engine optimization elements included with SEO press releases. SEO press releases utilize keywords that link back to your website, ensuring that they have an additional benefit beyond just getting your news read.

Our SEO copywriting team will ensure that your audience knows your news, and that web crawlers will pick up on the additional links and strong SEO copywriting within the press release itself.

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