SEO Articles

Ranking high in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing is a good start, but rankings alone are not enough to create new clients. You need strong content on your website that ensures visitors click to your website from the search engines and stay there to learn more. That's where SEO articles come in.

Two Types Of SEO Articles: On-Site And Distribution

SEO copywriting experts frequently talk about distribution articles and on-site articles. The difference between these is a simple one: distribution articles are published through third-party sites, while on-site articles are published in a special reference section of your own website. SEO copywriting styles are typically quite different between the two.

SEO Copywriting For Distribution Articles

Distribution articles are meant to be published online, but not on your own webpage. The goal of these SEO articles is twofold: they establish you as a leader in your field and provide exposure while simultaneously acting as a powerful tool for link building.

They are spread fairly widely with the help of article marketing services. These services have strict standards for SEO articles, including that they must not be overly biased toward a company's own products or services. The trick to SEO copywriting for distribution articles is to create informative, relevant content that fills a need for consumers and draws them to click through to your site to learn more.

SEO Copywriting For On-Site SEO Articles

The purpose of on-site articles is to add strong SEO copywriting to your webpage and to provide your visitors with relevant information. An article available at no charge is of value for a visitor; it's something they will stay and read. Unlike distribution articles, on-site articles can directly promote your company, products and services, but should still remain informative and factual in nature.

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