How to properly create a youtube channel

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In this article we are going to describe how to create a youtube channel the proper way. Google has changed how to create youtube channels. Its actually very smart since in the past anyone could create a youtube channel. Now Youtube is stemmed from a Google + / Business account. So as long as you have verified a Google + / Business account you should be good to go. We will lay it out in simple steps below.

1. Go to
2. On the upper right hand corner you'll see a circle with a picture on it. Click on that.

icon for creating youtube channel

3. You should see a view all for This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Click that
4. Find your Google + account and click on it to properly create a Youtube Channel
5. If you want to go to your channel just follow step 2. and click on your new channel. You can see your videos in your "my channel" section.


my youtube channel button

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