Samsung GEAR Virtual Reality Review with Galaxy Note 5

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I have recently had the pleasure of buying the new Samsung VR headset recently and have to admit i was very well amazed. The options are limitless and they keep pumping out new applications for it. The reason i bought it was because i have never really experienced Virtual Reality, ever... The first application i bought for it was called "Perfect Beach" which puts you on this beautiful looking beach with seagulls flying up above... Had gorgeous sand and palm trees surrounding you. Then of course the was the turquoise waters. The fantastic part about that "purchased application" was that it had guided meditation. So i got to meditate on the beach and the experience was very surreal, as long as you have a good pair of headphones... NO need for an expensive hypnotist HA!

The Netflix application was GREAT!!! They really thought these applications through! It puts you inside a mountain lodge with a fireplace and 100" HD television! look below and you see a comfortable couch with a remote control sitting to the left of you. Look a little more to the left and you'll see out the window... A great view of snow capped mountains. To the right you'll see stairs that lead to the upstairs of this cabin. You really don't get to walk around this cabin, but you really feel somewhere away from home on this application. They did a great job on this!

There was an application called Milk VR, had many high-quality videos of many entertaining things! Had a universal studios ride and i have to admit its made me feel like i was really there... Except for the G forces. Had a Disneyland video and i was a kid again. Showed Tower of Terror, the castle, etc. Very much amazed! I also decided to checkout an Oregon beach and was immersed like i was actually there, some guy in a truck was doing figure eights... turned back around and there was the beach again. One thing about the videos that i want to point out is that if it was filmed a low quality your not going to feel like your actually there. So don't be disappointed when you find a bad video...

There is a movie theater application on the device that i was VERY WELL amazed at. They let you choose your scenery e.g. home theater, movie theater, moon theater, ant theater. The main movie theater was my favorite just because the screen was the largest and was the most realistic. Look to your right and you'll see movie seats with cup holders, look up above and you'll see high ceilings. It was so realistic it felt like you were there. First movie i bought was "The Martian" and it came out really nice. Was in 3d, and the quality really made you feel like you were somewhere else. So much so that i literally felt like i didn't have to leave my couch, and that's coming from a guy who loves to get out of the house.

All in all its is an amazing experience and they continue to pump out new applications making the device an adventure! I highly recommend getting it for $99 if you have the Samsung Note 5 or Samsung Galaxy S6. If you can't afford it don't worry there is always Google Cardboard which costs $17. Its really all in the lenses... They have PLENTY of applications for Google Cardboard! I think even more than Samsung Virtual Reality. The main reason i bought the Samsung VR was because they teamed up with Oculus. Oculus has been in the industry for sometime, and i knew they were going to come out with some phenomenal things being that they are ahead of the curve. That's perception anyway...

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