Top Website Design Trends To Consider For Your Business

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In today’s globally connected online commerce, having a website for businesses of any size and scope is no longer a mere option; in order to compete with even your most local competitors, your business must offer an online image. Without one, prospective customers may quickly consider your company fledgling, irrelevant, and behind the trend curve.

If you’re currently gearing up to dominate the Internet with your business brand, it’s important to know that the only thing worse than no website presence, is a poorly executed, static website presence. In order to yield the best results possible, you must deliver an engaging website solution that captivates visitors with just a single click. Understanding some of the latest website trends is the best way to guarantee that your final design not only informs, but also engages and compels your audience to convert from visitor to customer.

Using Website Design Trends With Staying Power For Optimal Results

When working with SEO-Exchange for your website design, we will not only work closely with you throughout the process to understand your online marketing goals and vision, but we will incorporate the very latest website trends that have proven staying power for long-term results.

These design innovations include:

Eye-catching typography: Typography offers a wide range of benefits to business owners, making it imperative to choose the right one wisely. Finding a font that not only conveys your marketing message, but also stands out from other sites (aka the competition) can actually become part of your overall online brand image.

Concise content: The best way to make your chosen typography stand out? Use it on pages with concise content. Keeping your message brief, but meaningful, will have the biggest impact on your audience.

Streamlined color palettes: Gone forever are the days where website designs incorporated loud, over-stimulating color schemes to get a company’s message across to visitors. At SEO-Exchange we use streamlined color palettes that incorporate your brand image, without visually overwhelming guests.

Website videos: In the spirit of show don’t tell, website videos have experienced a major surge in popularity in recent years. Using relevant videos throughout your site design can help your business stand apart from competitor’s sites. Concerned that you don’t have video production experience? Don’t be; including even a few inexpensive clips can still make a major impact with your viewers. Best of all, sites like YouTube allow you to monitor total number of views to help you best plan your approach moving forward.

Long scrolling pages: Today’s consumers are comfortable with scrolling through an individual page to see the information a business is providing. Delivering longer, but still well organized, pages can prove a perfect way to keep guests on your pages longer.

Mobile applications: It’s no secret that an impressive amount of online consumers also have smartphone devices, making mobile applications a must in any website design. Integrating a fast loading mobile application with tools such as social media pages and email subscription requests can ensure that your business stays on your consumers’ radar, wherever they may roam.

Ready to get started on your innovative website design? Contact SEO-Exchange at (832) 687-4167 to speak with our team of experts today!

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