With Evolving SEO Strategies, SEO-Exchange Helps You Capitalize On Google Fresh Update

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In today's globally connected business world, remaining current has proven more than a mere marketing luxury. In previous commerce periods, simply running with the pack often proved sufficient in order for companies to compete and obtain a healthy portion of market share. However, modern organizations understand that, not only must they employ various online marketing tactics to remain an industry contender, but they also must constantly endeavor to be their niche's freshest face when it comes to search engine results.

What Your Business Should Know About Google Fresh

Recognizing the significance of returning the most relevant, noteworthy search engine results, Google recently announced its latest algorithm, Google Fresh. Designed specifically to help users quickly locate sites with dynamic activity and consistently updated news blasts, Google Fresh focuses on online channels such as website news rooms, company blogs, regularly distributed press releases and other broadcast sources.

Forecasting an influence on more than a third of all online keyword searches, Google Fresh has organizations wondering how they can best capitalize on this latest update to not only help their sites rise in the rankings, but ultimately, entice customers to click, visit and purchase.

Savvy Companies Are Seeking SEO in Houston Partnerships to Leverage Evolving SEO Strategies

While many organizations understand the relevance and importance of Google Fresh, it's often challenging to keep up with ever-evolving SEO strategies. Businesses that initially feel equipped and ready to manage this new initiative with internal manpower quickly learn that successful Internet marketing campaigns are best left to the experts. That's why innovative corporate leaders are turning to firms that specialize in SEO in Houston and throughout the state.

SEO-Exchange has built a stellar reputation for itself as a hub for SEO in Houston. We are known for staying ahead of the search engine optimization curve and helping businesses in every market keep their online advertorial competitive edge. Understanding a few critical distinctions to look for when teaming with a firm that specializes in SEO in Houston can simplify the search process and ensure maximum impact. When putting together a "must have" checklist of requirements for your SEO in Houston vendor, three important factors to look for should include:

  • Monthly SEO Packages: Delivering clients monthly SEO packages means that your business will never be pigeon holed with one size fits all SEO efforts. In short, opting for flexible monthly SEO packages means that your organization will be teaming with a company that truly strives to keep up with evolving SEO strategies.
  • Original Content: Never work with an SEO that delivers anything except compelling, engaging and informative original content. With Google Fresh constantly gleaning through news heavy pieces, sporadically posted "stuffed" pieces will dilute your company's overall marketing message as well as its reputation.
  • Backlink Strategies: Backlink development plays a critical role in any successful SEO campaign. Only align your organization with a firm that understands, not only how to distribute backlinks throughout your company's internal content, but can also create strategic partnerships with relevant businesses that will showcase your backlinks on their sites as well.
  • Whether you've already made major online marketing strides for your organization, or you're simply starting the SEO process, working with a professional firm that understands the requisites of Google Fresh can quickly help your company yield results in the quest for search engine dominance.

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