Linkedin Authentication Issues and Resolutions

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Linkedin is a great platform for networking professionally which is why we use it. We continue to use it for social media posts to get your name out, but things have changed. The change is with authenticating an account - needs to be a company email. It can't be a gmail, yahoo, or company account that doesn't represent your company name. For that reason we are asking owners to create a personal account then create a professional company page. Needs to get done right the first time. A personal account is all about you of course, and a company page is well a company page that is specifically for your company. So please make sure we create the right accounts for the purpose. For more information on how to create a company account please see this article:

Samsung GEAR Virtual Reality Review with Galaxy Note 5

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I have recently had the pleasure of buying the new Samsung VR headset recently and have to admit i was very well amazed. The options are limitless and they keep pumping out new applications for it. The reason i bought it was because i have never really experienced Virtual Reality, ever... The first application i bought for it was called "Perfect Beach" which puts you on this beautiful looking beach with seagulls flying up above... Had gorgeous sand and palm trees surrounding you. Then of course the was the turquoise waters. The fantastic part about that "purchased application" was that it had guided meditation. So i got to meditate on the beach and the experience was very surreal, as long as you have a good pair of headphones... NO need for an expensive hypnotist HA!

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