E-Book SEO Copywriting

Nothing establishes your company as an authority within your market quite like an E-book. This powerful tool is published on your website, but is designed to be accessible and distributed elsewhere.

What Is An E-Book?

An e-book is an in-depth explanation of a particular topic, or small set of topics. The idea behind it is to create a reference that goes beyond just an article. An E-book clearly indicates expertise and substantial knowledge of a topic - after all, it's basically a book, just one that is published online.

Adding Value To Your Website And Your Company

When visitors are offered a free E-book, they automatically feel as though they've gotten a great value just for visiting your website. In addition, you can use the SEO copywriting in that document to explain why your company's product or service offering benefits the reader. Even though E-books don't usually promote your specific product outright, good SEO copywriting will always point clients in the direction of purchasing your goods or services.

Link Building And More

An E-book is a powerful tool if it only exists on your website. But when it is linked to from other websites, or re-published (with your permission) elsewhere, it becomes an even stronger SEO copywriting marketing element. Your well-written e-book will always carry your company name, spreading your brand and your knowledge throughout the industry.

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