SEO Copywriting For Blog Posts

Every company can benefit from an active blog, but who has time to write blog posts every day, or even every week? Instead of trying to push out the content yourself, let our SEO copywriting team create blog posts on your behalf.

Blog Posts Boost Rankings

Fresh content and frequent updates have a huge impact on your search engine rankings. Blog posts are one of the best ways to add SEO copywriting on a regular basis without risking having a webpage that is too large or overwhelming to visitors.

At SEO-Exchange, our blog writing services include:

  • Taking the time to understand your business before writing begins.
  • Submitting topics for your approval, or utilizing your pre-defined topics.
  • Posting blogs to your site.

Each blog post includes:

  • 400-500 words of optimized content
  • Your choice of 2-3 keywords, including anchor text links
  • One image
  • 2-step proofing process

SEO Copywriting That Gets Read

As your blog posts become regular, you can expect customers to start following your blog. Our SEO copywriting team aims to create content that will be attractive to search engines, but also be a real draw for visitors. We want people to come back and read your blog, and to look forward to future blog posts.

Call (832) 687-4167 to learn how blog posts can create customer involvement, drive business revenue, and increase search engine rankings.